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Repairs to Stables Building in Church Street, Wylye

This is a modest building, although the two interesting stone mullioned windows, surviving wholly or in part, suggest either that it was once something more substantial, or that windows from an older building had been re-used in it. It was identified by the Wylye conservation area appraisal document as a feature of value, but had deteriorated to the point where there seemed to be a real threat of it disappearing. It was not clear whether there was any statutory obligation to repair it, and the fact that a wholehearted repair had taken place was seen by the judges as something which deserved recognition. A new roof, repairs and repointing to the stonework, and renewal of timber boarding, had given it a new lease of life, ensuring that the village would benefit from its presence for the foreseeable future. A commendation seemed a very fitting response from the awards scheme.