Celebrating our Heritage Enhancing our Environment Shaping our Future

Committee Members

Patron:  Dame Rosemary Spencer DCMG
Vice President: Peter Dunbar
Chair:  Stephanie Siddons Deighton

Executive:   The 7 Trustees are responsible for overall policy and activities of the Society and its financial management, meeting Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, and Dec.  SCS members interested in attending a meeting please contact Rosemary Pemberton rosemary.pemberton@hotmail.co.uk
Secretary – Rosemary Pemberton
Treasurer – Adrian Harris
Communications – Vacant
Membership Secretary – Richard Deane
GPC Chair – Judy Howles
Corporate Membership – Peter Dunbar
Projects – Jamie Hobson

Development:  Concerned with the maintenance and improvement of our environment, responding to planning applications in Salisbury District and encouraging architectural projects of quality through its Conservation and New Buildings Awards.  They arrange debate of current issues through the annual Planning Forum and Open Meeting. Meetings are monthly, SCS members interested in attending a meeting should contact Richard Deane rdeane@madasafish.com
Paul Stevens – Acting Chair
Richard Deane – Secretary
Nicola Lipscombe – SAGP (Salisbury Area Greenspace Partnership)
Leslie Lipscombe – SAGP  (Salisbury Area Greenspace Partnership)
Hans-Dieter Scholz – Salisbury Cathedral Close Preservation Society
Heidi Poole – CPRE
Elaine Milton – Heritage & Planning
John Comparelli
Michael Lyons
Louise Salman
Melanie Latham
James Salman
Lee Davidson
Emily Way

GPC: The  group  arrange a number of events on behalf of the Society, to inform and promote our key aims, Pride in our HERITAGE, Enhancing our ENVIRONMENT and Shaping our FUTURE,  through the installation of historic blue plaques;  liaison with fellow Civic Societies; arranging talks;  planning visits to places of current and historical architectural and social interest; organising walks and tours; participation in the National Heritage Open Day programme.   Meetings take place in Jan, March, May, July, Sept and Nov. If you have an idea for an event or would like  to join a meeting contact Judy Howles  howles@ntlworld.com
Chair – Judy Howles
Secretary – Vacant
Lectures – Jamie Hobson
Visits – Vacant
Walks – Vacant
Plaques – Sara Crook
Heritage Open Days – Janet Draper
Heritage Open Days – Paul Draper
Liaison Civic Societies – Hadrian Cook

Publicity – Vacant
Website, Eventbrite, IT – Julie Smith
Social Media – Vacant
Acting Magazine Editor – Richard Deane
Magazine Design & Layout – Melanie Latham

The work of the Society is supported entirely by the subscriptions of the membership and all its officers are unpaid.

The Society is registered with Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement in England.
Charity Registration No 293143