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Souchez Gardens, Salisbury

The Souchez Gardens development comprises 11 houses, to the south of Britford Lane, most on former nursery gardens. The judges were immediately struck by the way it stood out from the common ‘neo-traditional’ approach to new housing, which seldom manages to match the quality of the houses it’s modelled on. Souchez Gardens establishes its own style, which offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the detached and semi-detached house format. It takes standard walling and roofing materials, brick and either tile or slate, and adds in a varying, but always judicious, proportion of a less traditional walling material, vertical timber boarding. The roofs are unusually prominent, often reaching down to ground floor eaves level, with substantial dormers at first floor level above. In less skilful hands the outcome could have been clumsy, but here it is outstandingly successful, creating a very attractive feel to the whole development. Interiors are light and welcoming, enhanced by thoughtful details such as sun pipes in otherwise unlit spaces, and doors and staircases of above average quality. Workmanship appeared to be of a high standard throughout, and the houses were felt to serve as an example of what could be achieved with sufficient commitment, and to be well worth an award.

Architects: Barclay & Phillips Architects, Whaddon