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  • New Bin Stores in Salisbury

    The sudden arrival of new bin stores in the city, positioned by Wiltshire Council without any need for planning permission, has been discussed by Civic Society committee members. They acknowledged the need for something to be done about the many bins prominent outside properties in the city centre, particularly Butcher Row, but felt that bin […]

  • Neighbourhood Development Plan

    Neighbourhood Development Plan

    Salisbury City Council have prepared a draft Neighbourhood Development Plan that will help shape and guide future development in our city. Neighbourhood planning gives communities the power to develop a shared vision for their area. The policies in the neighbourhood plan can have a long-term positive impact upon the future of Salisbury. The plan will […]

  • Salisbury


    WILTHSIRE COUNCIL LOCAL PLAN REVIEW (09.03.2021) The Society’s full response to the local plan review, submitted on 09.03.21 can be read here Society response to Local Plan Review Peter Dunbar has also  written to The Journal outlining the key points made by the Society to the Local Plan Review  Peter Dunbar Letter 16.03 SALISBURY EXPERIMENTAL TRAFFIC […]

  • Mural


    It had long been felt that the funds accumulated by the Society were in excess of what a charity of its type needed to hold, and that a beneficial project should be found, on which some of the funds could be spent. In December 2022 the Trustees of the Society’s agreed to allocate £10,000 towards […]