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  • Talk by Julian Richards on Stonehenge: Old Rocks, New Theories

    Event Date: Thursday 17th September 2020

    Julian Richards will be talking on Stonehenge:  Old Rocks, New Theories.     Julian is a British television and radio presenter, writer and archaeologist with over 30 years experience of fieldwork and publication. The meeting will take place on Thursday 17th September at The Methodist Church, St Edmund’s Church Street, Salisbury SP1 1EF.     £2.50 for non members.  Start […]

  • Talk by Prof Caroline Dakers on Fonthill Houses

    Event Date: Thursday 19th November 2020

    Professor Caroline Dakers will be introducing us to Fonthill Houses: Lost, Recovered and Rebuilt on Monday 19th November 2020. Professor Dakers has  been Professor of Cultural History at UAL since 1998, and established the BA Culture, Criticism and Curation degree at CSM in 2004. She now teaches on BA Culture, Criticism and Curation and MA Culture, […]

  • Blue Plaque to Wolfe Frank

    Event Date: Friday 20th November 2020

    A Civic Society Blue Plaque will be erected to Wolfe Frank at his former home, The Malt House in Castle Street, Mere, on Friday 20th November 2020, which will be the 75th anniversary of the start of both the Nuremberg Trials and the introduction of simultaneous interpretation.  Wolfe Frank was Chief Interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials […]