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Annual Awards Party

150 guests attended the the Salisbury Arts centre for the Society’s Annual Awards Party on 19 January.  Awards this year were for  excellence in conservation work to existing buildings with 6 awards given,  2 commendations and the prestigious Lady Radnor Award for the most outstanding project.  Helen Birchenough is Chair of the Arts Council South West and luckily found time to chair the judging panel,  supported by Mike Lyons, Rosemary Pemberton and Joe Richardson.  Helen’s enthusiasm for the Awards scheme was succinctly described in her opening comments “I was struck by how lucky we are to live in a community that cares so much for our heritage and is prepared to do what it takes to look after it. In every case the preservation, the creativity and the skill has come at significant cost and each project  is the result of people committing time, hard work and huge personal investment.  Our city and our county are the richer and more beautiful for it.”