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  • 51 High Street, Salisbury, refurbishment and new sheep

    Type: Commendation

    This joint nomination combined the rescue of the former SPCK bookshop, empty for several years and looking increasingly forlorn, with the slightly earlier creation of a new wooden sheep above the doorway. The previous version, a relict of the shop’s former use by a firm producing woollen goods, had first lost its head, and then, […]

  • Park House, West Hatch, Tisbury

    Type: Award

    The key question which the judges needed to have answered, when they visited the property, was whether the substantial increase in size to a listed building was justified by the outcome. Their inspection quickly convinced them that it was. The two storey extension at one end fitted in seamlessly, while the single story one, along […]

  • 38 Stoke Farthing

    Type: Award

    In other hands, a project which started from a simple country cottage and ended with a much larger one, with a range of ancillary buildings next to it, might have simply devalued the original building. It very quickly became apparent, however, that this particular project was something out of the ordinary. It had been conceived […]

  • Wilton House: Holbein Porch and Triumphal Arch

    Type: Award

    The judges enjoyed their chance to visit the C16th Holbein Porch, removed from the house in the early C19th and rebuilt in a location not accessible to the public. Both it and the much more visible archway had clearly been treated in a very responsible way, with necessary repairs carried out but with no attempt […]

  • The Royal Oak Inn, Swallowcliffe

    Type: Award

    While the award scheme’s prime focus is of course the way buildings have been treated, wider social issues can sometimes be considered relevant, and the rescue of a village pub is a case in point. Empty for several years, and the subject of a failed application to turn it into a private house, the project […]

  • The Three Crowns, Harnham

    Type: Award

    The contrast between the neat appearance of this partly C18th building now, and how photos showed it to have looked two or three years ago, was indication in itself that some laudable work had been carried out. A visit inside was however needed to show the full extent of the achievement. What really made this […]

  • Salisbury Market Place

    Type: Award

    Familiarity on the part of all the judges with the long saga of the campaign to improve Salisbury Market Place meant that there was no need to spend time visiting it. The judgement that had to be made was whether what had been achieved went beyond what ought to be expected, and the conclusion was […]