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Pool house at Park House, West Hatch

Adding a pool house and pool to a listed C17th house with a fine sweeping garden obviously needed care. The judges were happy that the siting and design of the additional facilities were appropriate, and also that the contemporary design approach for the pool house was the right choice, matching as it did that used for the nearest part of the house, a kitchen extension also in a contemporary style. The new building’s rectangular flat-roofed form, clad in timber which developed into a pergola on one side, created a low-key impression which was just right given its function, and responded very well to a wooded backdrop. Behind the pergola, the pool house’s main space was fronted with extensive glazing, while white plastered walls gave a more domestic feel beyond. This conformed well with the building’s dual purpose, as an adjunct to the pool in the right weather, and also as an attractive facility to use in the winter. High insulation values mirrored this second function. The pool itself is set very low, reducing its visual impact from house and garden, and careful thought had clearly gone into ensuring that child safety was part of the mix, with four gates to be added before the swimming season starts again. The judges were happy that the pool house more than met the standards set by the kitchen extension, winner of an award in 2016, and should win the same level of recognition.

Architect: John Comparelli, Tisbury

Photo: Lance McNulty