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The Motor Shed at 3 Kingsbury Square, Wilton

Garages generally have a low profile, being seen as utilitarian buildings not offering much opportunity for good design. The judges’ visit to the Wilton one showed a context where there was cause to put in more thought than usual, and displayed the value of that approach. The garage, or motor shed to use a traditional term. is in the well-designed courtyard garden to a listed house, and adds to its merits. Key to its success is the roof, which takes the form of a hipped pyramid with a concave profile as it rises to an ornamental finial, to great visual effect. Slate is the roofing material, with lead covering to the angles. Below, the walls are clad with oak weather board, while the traditional doors have glass panels to light the interior. The judges appreciated the way the roof shape minimised shade cast by the garage on the garden, and the extra work necessitated by curved rafters. All the workmanship was clearly of high quality, and the new addition to the garden complemented the contributions already made by a recently constructed log store and summerhouse, in similar style. The judges were more than happy to give the garage a commendation.

Architects: The Classic Architecture Company, Wilton

Photo: Peter Borchert